PicToSquare 🐍

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An experimental script that uses Python to enter and make every picture in a directory “Instagram Ready” by framing ‘em up into a no-crop square.

This script was inspired by how there are multiple free/paid apps to accomplish this on the mobile app store, but none for desktop. Hope this made your social media routine a little less annoying!

Tested On Windows 10 + Python 3.6 + PILLOW 6.0


pip install pictosquare


  • Does not compress or crop images.
  • Relatively quick.
  • Does not rename images.
  • Optionally set a background colour to either “white” or “black”. (Defaults to white if not set)
  • All pictures are resized into a “picToSquare” director


  • Watermark each image
  • Custom background colour + Pick dominant colour
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