Unlearning Python with Best Practices [YouTube Videos]

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Python is by far my favorite programming language. You may debate its “speed” and use of tab spaces, but it’s the first programming language whose syntax just made sense to me.

As developers, we spend every single day unlearning practices that became send nature to us, and this brief post collates YouTube videos to help document the interesting ones I came across.

Raymond Hettinger’s Videos:

One cannot simply make a list of “best Python practices” resource without mentioning Raymond Hettinger at least once (or multiple times) in it. Raymond is a Python core developer, author of the itertools module we’ve all come to love (or hate?). He speaks a lot about Python best practices over on his twitter.

Raymond’s talks are an ABSOLUTE rabbit hole, and you’re welcome. I’ve listed a few of his talks in this post.

1. «Build powerful, new data structures with Python’s abstract base classes»
2. Modern Dictionaries by Raymond Hettinger
4. Raymond Hettinger, Keynote on Concurrency, PyBay
5. Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python

6. Demystifying Python’s Async & Await Keywords

Python’s (new?) async and parallel programming support may be highly underrated, but is also quite misunderstood. This video should really help you understand the meat of what asynchronous Python programming is.

7. Lamda Expressions & Aynonymous Functions

Lambda’s are powerful, but only if you know what they can truly do. I’ve rarely used Lambda’s in my own code, but they’re definitely good to know.

8. Python Engineer: 11 Tips & Tricks to Write Better Python Code

Btw: It’s okay if you didn’t learn these concepts through the official docs.

Fact is, you’re learning about them now.

The official docs are beautiful, but for folks like me who experience dyslexia, can be quite overwhelming to navigate through.

Hope these resources helped get your mind churning, and got you onto a path to make your code much cleaner and more Pythonic.

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